December 29, 2019

What is Commercial real estate? Do you know the four major asset classes? Did you know that you can build wealth by investing in Commercial Real Estate? In studio to educate us, is the Premier Commercial Real Estate Broker, yes, that’s Theresa Mueller, the Broker/Owner of Trelleum Real Estate Group!

And in the Holiday season as we do every end of the year show, we like to feature positive charities that are making a big impact in our communities!

Everyone Deserves Dignity! Right? In studio is the Managing Director of the Hesed House, yes, that’s Joe Jackson! – Their Mission is: To feed the hungry, clothe the naked, shelter the homeless and give people the chance to hope again. Wow!

Children in Chicago often run out of school supplies! There’s a great foundation that is ending that! It’s the Jumping Beans Chicago foundation! And in studio is the Founder of Jumping Beans, yes, that’s Amanda Tice!