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The old saying “Do what you love and never work a day in your life” holds very true to me. Every aspect of what I do on a daily basis for The BrickKicker truly is amazing and I can relate it all back to my upbringing. At an early age, I can remember moving around often from state to state as my parents were getting settled but most of my time was spent living in the Madison, Wisconsin area. Both of my parents served in the U.S. Air Force so I had a pretty structured upbringing but I was always allowed to explore and try new things. Building with Legos stemmed my interest in building things, often without instructions.

All throughout my schooling, I wrestled (nearly 18 years), which helped to prepare me for my time served in the U.S. Air Force as a Weapons Specialist. While serving 6 years in the military, I attended my undergraduate studies in Hotel Management in Madison while finishing in Orlando through the University of Central Florida and the Walt Disney Company. From there I had the opportunity to learn more about corporate structure and management while working for the Target Corp. and Marriott International.

I had a deep desire to want to get back to my passion as a kid in building things so I started my Graduate Program at the University of Florida School of Architecture of which led me into exploring ways to work on my own, helping people better understand the built world. This is where I decided to become licensed in the inspection industry. I am extremely passionate about everything I do, to include spending quality time with my wife and two Jack Russell Terriers. As my wife says, I always go, go, go…

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