May 17, 2020

    • Are Delays in the Contract due to the Pandemic? to share with us all of this current up to date information is the Premier Residential Attorney, yes, Kim Denkewalter!
    • Contrary to What You May Have Heard – Commercial Lending Is Still Getting Done! and to share with us this current information is the Premier Commercial Lender, yes, Brad Hettich!
    • It’s National Deck Safety Month!. And to share with us all of the safety tips about decks, is the President of BrickKickers inspections, yes, Andrew Fox!
    • What’s going on with Senior Housing? To share with us all of the current information about this, is the Premier Commercial Realtor, the Managing Broker from the Trelleum Group, yes, Theresa Mueller!
    • Buyers are Looking and they Are Buying Now… Taking advantage of today’s historical low rates. Yes, with as little as 3% down!!! On the show is the Premier mortgage Loan Consultant from the Loan Depot, yes, Pat Cannone